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Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE)

January 31, 2013 Comments off

To SHSU Faculty and Staff

IT@Sam is excited to announce that on Friday, February 1st, we will be implementing Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE), which will replace our in-house e-mail filtering service. The FOPE service will incorporate multiple filters to actively help protect SHSU’s inbound and outbound e-mails from spam, viruses, phishing scams, and e-mail policy violations.

What this means to SHSU students, faculty, and staff:

  1. 1. Faster E-mail delivery – SHSU recipients should get e-mail delivered from an external server to their inbox faster. Average delivery should be 80% faster than our current rate of outside mail delivery.
  2. 2. Outbound e-mail protection as well as inbound – All e-mail will be scanned by FOPE and any e-mail suspected of being spam (such as phishing e-mails sent from compromised accounts) will be sent through a separate pool of FOPE servers.
  3. 3. Transparent Protection to Users – E-mails will no longer be tagged with indicators for spam, phishing, fraud, and virus in the subject line, as this was a function of the SHSU Edge mail system.
  4. 4. Users can maintain a personal “Safe Senders” list – E-mails addressed to you from a sender on your “Safe Senders” list will bypass the FOPE anti-spam filters, providing quicker delivery of messages. Each user will be able to add external e-mail addresses to a “Safe Senders” list, so you will be guaranteed to receive e-mails from these senders.
  5. 5. Reporting Spam – You will now be able to report spam messages, which make it past the filters, by sending the complete message as an attachment to


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System Maintenance 1/25

January 24, 2013 Comments off

On January 25, 2013, IT@Sam will be conducting system maintenance for Banner and COGNOS.

Banner Finance (INB Finance and Self Service Finance) will shut down at 5:00 p.m. for data processing. We estimate the system will be unavailable for 1 hour. Normal operations will resume upon completion of these processes.

COGNOS will be unavailable starting at 8 p.m. We estimate that this system should be restored by 9:30 p.m.


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Bi-Annual Security Patch Rollup 1/11

January 9, 2013 Comments off

On Jan 11 at 6:00pm, IT@Sam will begin the bi-annual security update. This will apply all current patches to approximately 380 servers. Services may have intermittent outages, SSB and INB will not be available during this time that patches are being applied.

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