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Remote Desktop Connections – Macs

August 26, 2013 Comments off

Since August 13, IT@Sam has been working on a long term solution that prevents Mac users from connecting to Remote Desktop Connection (RDC).  As an interim solution, we ask that you connect to RDC using WINTS01.SHSU.EDU or WINTS02.SHSU.EDU rather than REMOTE.SHSU.EDU.

If you previously downloaded RDP 2.1.2 you will still encounter issues.  IT@Sam is currently working with Microsoft to get this issue resolved soon.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update to Your iOS Device Required

February 20, 2013 Comments off

A bug was released in the iOS 6.1 update for Apple devices that caused increased network traffic to Exchange (our e-mail server) and caused decreased battery life on the device. You are receiving the message as you are a person that has an Apple device (iPad or iPhone) that is running that iOS6.1 update. Apple has released iOS 6.1.2 that will correct this issue. Please update your Apple devices as soon as possible to avoid loss of service. You can find additional information about the bug in Apple’s Support Forums:

If you have any questions, please contact the Service Desk at 936-294-1950.

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Banner INB Access from Macs

February 15, 2013 Comments off

On January 13, Apple issued an update that caused Java not to function on Macs if they were using a version of Java older than 7.11.  Subsequently, this affected our ability to use any applications that use Java, specifically Banner INB.  IT@Sam has been working on a solution to continue our use of the current Java version without upgrading to version 7.11 due to some incompatibility issues with Banner.

In the meantime, you should be able to use to access Banner INB. You can find instructions on how to access and log into within our Technology Tutorials which can be accessed from the IT@Sam website.  As always if you have any questions or concerns please give the Service Desk a call at 936-294-HELP.

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Apple iOS4 & Microsoft Exchange Sync Issue

July 6, 2010 Comments off

Some have reported problems with syncing their Exchange email, contacts, and calendars with the new iOS 4 that was release recently for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. If you happen to be experiencing this problem you can read more about it on The Microsoft Exchange Team Blog.

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