System Downtime 02/28 – 03/02

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Banner ERP Updates
February 28, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Banner ERP updates for Financial Aid are being applied this weekend. INB and SSB Services will be unavailable during this time.
ODS Updates
February 28, 6:00 pm – March 2, 8:00 am

ODS updates are being applied this weekend.  Reporting Services will be unavailable during this time.





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Exchange Updates
February 21, 6:00 pm – February 22, 12:00 am
Exchange updates are being installed to fix an issue with Outlook Web Access ( not supporting Internet Explorer 11.  During this time, clients may receive a pop-up prompting them to login if they are currently using Outlook or Outlook Web Access. 

Listserv Changes
February 21, 6:00 pm – February 22, 6:30 pm

Listserv changes are being made that may cause a short outage to lists.  This outage should be very minimal.

Summer I & II Software Requests Deadline Approaching!!

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The deadline for submitting requests for new software or upgrades to existing software for Summer I & II is March 1.  To place your requests use the following instructions:  

  • Go to
  • Click on either Browse Service Catalog or List View of Service Catalog
  • Software > Install New > Software for Mac or PC
  • Software > Upgrade > Existing Mac or PC Software Package

Please contact the Service Desk at 936-294-HELP (4357) if you need any assistance placing a request.


February is Data Security Month

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Data security cannot be stressed enough. These days, you can accomplish your daily tasks without leaving the comforts of your home if you have Internet access. While this is very convenient it also carries the potential to be very dangerous as well. With so much data available every day it is no wonder that cyber criminals are coming up with new ways to steal this data. Here are some tips, provided by the Department of Homeland Security, to help secure your online data.  Read More..



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Lync User Migration
December 18, 5:00 pm – December 19, 8:00 am
We will be migrating all users from the Lync 2010 servers to Lync 2013 servers.  Once an account has been migrated, the Lync 2010 mobile clients (iOS, Android, Windows) will no longer work.  The Lync 2013 clients are available for all platforms (Apple Store, Google Play, Windows Store Apps) and will need to be downloaded in order to continue using Lync.

All university-owned laptops still running Office 2007 will need to be brought into the Service Desk for an upgrade which includes the Lync 2013 client.  The Service Desk is located in Academic Building 1, room 145.

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New Software Releases

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Remote Desktop Connection for OSX
November 22, 6:00 pm – November 24, 12:00 am

A new version of Remote Desktop Connection is being released to all campus Macs. Please be sure to use the following link for instructions on how to access and connect to this new version.

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IT Systems Downtime Notifications

November 22, 2013 Comments off

ERP System Updates
November 22, 6:00 pm – November 24, 10:00 pm

We are performing upgrades to several modules in our ERP system listed below. During the upgrade these Banner systems will not be available.

Impacted Modules (Major Upgrades):
Financial Aid
HR & Payroll
Position Control

Impacted Modules (Minor Upgrades):
Accounts Receivable

Lync Upgrade
November 22, 6:00 pm – November 23, 8:00 am
External services will be migrated to Lync 2013. During the scheduled window, external access (as defined below) will be intermittently unavailable.

Impacted Services (External Access To Lync):
Federation (AOL, Messenger/Skype, Gmail)
Anonymous participants joining web conferences

Not Impacted(Internal Services to Lync):
Access to Lync through
Dial-in Conferencing

Network Upgrade
November 29, 6:00 pm – November 30, 12:00 am
Upgrades to network hardware that will intermittently affect the availability of most services.

Impacted Services:


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