Cache loader and extra worksheet issue in Excel

   Does an extra, blank Excel worksheet appear on top of an existing spreadsheet that you have just opened?

Do you get an error message about a cache loader when attempting to open Excel files?

Do you get the error message AND an extra, blank worksheet?

If so, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Make sure that you have closed Excel completely.
  2. Open Windows Explorer by right-clicking on the Start button and then clicking on Explore.
  3. Navigate to the XLSTART folder in your profile. (C:\WINNT\profiles\your_username\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART)
  4. Delete any files that happen to be in that folder. (It’s OK, you won’t lose any information.)
  5. Open your Excel file again, it should open without any errors or extra worksheets.

Author: lucrecia chandler

ITSM & Communications Manager for IT@Sam