Registration Changes

We are striving to improve the registration process this semester. After meeting with several high-level campus administrators, we have received approval to reduce the number of students registering at any one time. This change should allow the servers to better handle the load during these times of heavy usage.

An email will be sent this afternoon to students, faculty, and staff notifying them of this change in addition to this post.

The following schedule will be used for each classification:
Time:      Last Name begins with:
5:30PM     GP – KL
6:30PM     CJ – GO
7:30PM     KM – NO
8:30PM     A – CI
9:30PM     NP – SH
10:30PM     SI – ZZ
Registration times will be cumulative. For example at 6:30PM people with the last names that start with GP through KL and CJ through GO would then be able to register.

At this time we want to remind you to take a look at our tips for efficient registration.

Author: lucrecia chandler

ITSM & Communications Manager for IT@Sam