Letter to Students


Here is a copy of the email that will be arriving in your inboxes today.


TO: SHSU Students
FROM: Mark Adams
Associate VP for SHSU Information Resources

We are very appreciative of your support and patience with the campus technology this semester. A good year in the job market has resulted in a large number of vacancies in Computer Services, and has resulted in an unusually high number of problems this semester with technology resources. We realize how often the computing systems have been slow or unavailable. We’d like to fill you in on what’s happening:

  • We are aggressively advertising, interviewing, and recruiting additional staff. We have twelve open positions at this time, and we encourage you to recommend and refer applicants to us. http://www.shsu.edu/ITjobs
  • We are working almost daily with Blackboard to assist us with system improvements. Blackboard consultants will be on campus in January to further improve reliability and response.
  • Additional, and more reliable, server systems have been purchased and will be installed during the semester break.
  • A new database is being purchased which will help with the high-volume traffic during registration and finals.

    A number of other initiatives are being carried out as we strive to expand the computing systems. We’re very proud to be part of one of the fastest growing universities in the state; we are just currently experiencing some really agonizing growing pains!

    Thank you again for the many positive comments of empathy and concern that you’ve expressed. Have a great holiday season as we look forward to Spring 2008!

    Author: lucrecia chandler

    ITSM & Communications Manager for IT@Sam