Still Being Built

Remote Terminal Services—as excerpted from the January IR Update
The entire system of the remote terminal service is currently down for rebuild. New servers are being built to allow more people to use the option. You will still be able to reach your S: drive and the T: drive.

We are moving from two machines to three machines, and they are substantially bigger. The new servers will have a very narrow focus to allow more dependability and a faster response time. An additional reason for the streamlined focus is to ensure we are in compliance with licensing. Only software specially licensed to be used through remote access will be installed. To conserve funds, most licenses for campus are bought based on how many people are using the software at once. Concurrent licensing cannot be used from the remote server.

Software that will be on the new
MS Office 2007 (Access, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Word)
Adobe Acrobat (for creating/reading PDF’s)
CRT (to allow you to reach Nell, the administrative computer)
Internet Explorer (Firefox causes problems and will not be installed.)
Sam Menu
Profile Backup Utility
Profile Management Utility
SAP client connecting to COBA SAP server
Secure Shell Client (used primarily by Computer Science and Computer Services)

The use of SPSS remotely is still being evaluated. We are working with the vendor to see what options are available. At this time, a completely separate server is planned if SPSS acknowledges licensing for this purpose.

Once we do have it back up: Logging off: Please close your session on whenever you have completed your work. Do not use the “X” in the upper right corner to close it. Instead, click Start, Logoff, Yes you’re sure, to exit. If you use the “X” in the upper right corner, the session actually stays open until the next time you connect. The “X” method is not allowing a graceful logoff and may cause you problems later.

Author: shsuservicedesk

The IT@Sam Service Desk is part of the Client Services group of the Division of Information Technology Services at Sam Houston State University.