Computing/Phone Systems Downtime

Telcom Center Move Project

Progress continues on the many events that have to occur prior to the removal of the Telcom Center from the campus mall area. The next scheduled event will have a major impact on our entire campus this weekend.

The long-anticipated power, computer, VOIP phone outage that was mentioned in the last two IR Updates will take place the evening of Friday 2/15 and the morning of 2/16. AB1 will be without electricity for several hours on Friday night while this work is in progress.

The power outage is required for the electrical work for the AB1 Server Room. Contractors will start the process at 6 pm Friday night, February 15th; it is anticipated their work will take several hours. The electrical work will include breaker changes and generator related upgrades. After the contractor has completed his work, the UCS-Systems Department will begin rewiring the servers and will work throughout the night with the expectation of completing the process Saturday morning.

All SHSU campus computer and VOIP phone systems will be down during this outage. This outage includes, but is not limited to: Blackboard, remote access, SamWeb, SamMail, Exchange e-mail, Nell, and SamMenu. We anticipate all systems will be back online sometime Saturday morning, the 16th of February.

You may call the Helpdesk at 294.1950 for an update on Saturday.


AB1 Users: Please shut down your workstations and turn off your peripherals before you leave for the week. The electricity in AB1 will be turned off Friday, February 15th at 6 pm.

Other Campus Users: It is especially critical that you remember this week to log off your workstations before you leave for the weekend. You can help protect your profile by making sure you are not logged in when the servers are taken offline.

Author: lucrecia chandler

ITSM & Communications Manager for IT@Sam