Checking the Status of your Workorders

We’ve noticed over the last several weeks that one of the main reasons that we are receiving calls at the Helpdesk is from someone wanting to check on the status of their workorder. You can easily check on the status of your open workorders without placing a call to us. Here’s how.

Log into SamWeb

Click on Computer Services and then click on Work Order System.

Once in the Work Order System, click on User Menu, then click on My Open WOs.

Scroll through your list of currently open workorders. Once you see the workorder that you wish to receive an update, click on the View link.

Last, click on the Update Workorder link and then enter in the extra information or additional questions you’d like to ask of the technicians. It’s that easy!

Author: lucrecia chandler

ITSM & Communications Manager for IT@Sam