Gearing up for Fall 2009

We are only 3 weeks away from the new Fall semester. Now’s the perfect time to make sure you have everything up to date and ready for the new year. Below are a few reminders and tips that will make the transition into the new academic year go as smoothly as possible.

S Drive Quota
First, we would like to remind everyone of the S drive quotas. The quota set for Faculty/Staff is 1 GB while the students’ is 200 MB. If you have any old material that you need to save, archiving it to a flash drive or CD is recommended. This way you can stay below your set quota and still have access to all necessary files. Note to Faculty/Staff: Any work related material that is shared with your department should be stored on the T drive. Also, any class related material should be posted on Blackboard and not on the T drive.

Exchange Mail
Your Exchange email account also has a quota. Faculty/Staff have a quota of 150 MB, and Students have a quota of 80 MB. If you are having space issues in your email, it would be best to setup Personal folders using Microsoft Outlook 2007. Outlook is available on all campus computers as well as Remote Desktop Connection.

Fall 2009 classes will begin showing up on Blackboard starting August 10th. The Blackboard system updates three times daily. Due to heavy traffic at the beginning of the year, it could take up to 24 hours for your class schedule changes to show up on Blackboard. If you have changed your class schedule and the classes are not available in Blackboard by the following day, please contact the Helpdesk.

Password Expiration
The password to your account expires on a yearly basis. It is important that you keep an up to date password so that you always have access to your Exchange email, Blackboard, and computer account. You will be notified via email up to 60 days before your password expires. If you are unsure of what your password is, go ahead and reset it now. To reset your password, log into SamWeb using the alternate log in. Proceed to Computer Services -> Account Password Change. If you are a new student you will need to click on Account Creation instead if you haven’t set up your account already. If you are unable to log into SamWeb through the alternate login, please contact the Helpdesk and request a PIN reset.

Lab Hours
Follow the link below to look at the Lab hours and locations. Take note of the labs that are closest to your classes. You never know when you might need to take a quick trip to print something off before class.

Hopefully this will get you started on the right foot for the new year. If you have any questions or issues please contact the Helpdesk at either 936-294-1950 or email us at Our regular hours for walk-ins are Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm, and phone/email support is 24 hrs a day. Good luck with the Fall 2009 semester!

Author: shsuservicedesk

The IT@Sam Service Desk is part of the Client Services group of the Division of Information Technology Services at Sam Houston State University.