Voice Mailbox PIN

Resetting Your Voice Mail PIN

If you are having trouble accessing your Voice Mail with your current PIN or if you don’t know your PIN, a simple reset will resolve the issue. Follow the steps below to reset your Voice Mail PIN:

Resetting Your Voice Mail PIN:

1. Open your SHSU Exchange mail through Internet Explorer. *
2. Click Options in the top right
3. Click the Voice Mail tab located in the left panel
4. Click on Reset Voice Mail PIN button located under the Reset Voice Mail Pin section
5. Return to your email Inbox
6. You will have a message in your Inbox with your new Voice Mail PIN. When you first access your Voice Mail with this temporary PIN, it will expire and you will be asked to reset it.

Resetting the Voice Mail PIN for a Generic Voice Mailbox:

1. Open your SHSU Exchange mail through Internet Explorer. *
2. Click on your name in the top, right-hand side of the page. A box will open up titled Open Other Mailbox.
3. In the field box, type ex_vmbx_##### supplementing the last 5 characters with your 5- digit extension. Do not include the underscore. (example: ex_vmbx_41950)
4. Click Open and a new window will open up displaying the mailbox for that extension.
5. Follow steps 2-6 in the guide above to complete the PIN reset.

*NOTE: You can not use other browsers like Safari or Firefox to reset your PIN. Those browsers do not provide access to this feature.

Author: shsuservicedesk

The IT@Sam Service Desk is part of the Client Services group of the Division of Information Technology Services at Sam Houston State University.