SHSU’s Dial-In Support

Just a reminder that SHSU’s dial-in support has come to an end effective today, Sept 1st. Below is an excerpt from August IR Update:

Reach Out and Touch Faster

The campus modem bank life is coming to an end. If you have been using SHSU’s dial-in as your access method to reach the Internet from off-campus, you have probably become increasingly frustrated with the slow response times. With ever more sophisticated, robust, interactive web pages in today’s environment, a dial-in solution is simply not up to the expected standard.

Therefore, as of September 1st, you may contact the Helpdesk to find out if the modem bank is up. This will be the only support provided. Additionally, if the modem bank experiences an equipment failure, repairs will not be funded and the modem bank will be removed at that time. Some suggested alternatives are provided, and we encourage you to make arrangements now.

Author: shsuservicedesk

The IT@Sam Service Desk is part of the Client Services group of the Division of Information Technology Services at Sam Houston State University.