New Helpdesk Phone System

As mentioned in the July IR Update, we have a new Helpdesk phone system as of Friday, July 9.

The New Facts about Reaching the Helpdesk

Call center software will be installed this month to allow better routing of your calls for help. You will start with a menu so that you can be routed to the appropriate Helpdesk technician. If no one is immediately available, you will be placed on hold until someone can assist you (until our queues fill up!).

The Helpdesk will be able to record your calls, and may easily escalate your calls to a supervisor. We anticipate this will significantly improve your experience in the future; we appreciate your patience as we grow with it.

As we move in to the crunch time of the Fall semester with so many new faculty and students arriving, we encourage you to come in person to the Helpdesk when you really, really need help! The Helpdesk is now on the first floor of AB1 in room 144 (the double glass doors across from Smith-Hutson). You can also reach a Helpdesk technician with the e-mail

The transition has so far been a smooth one with good feedback. We will continue to adjust the system as needed over the coming weeks to make the experience of calling the Helpdesk the best it can be.

Author: lucrecia chandler

ITSM & Communications Manager for IT@Sam