Parking and Transportation Changes for Fall 2011

Those who have ordered a fall 2011 parking permit, or parked in the Sam Houston Parking Garage recently, may have noticed some changes since last spring.

To coincide with the implementation of Banner, the Parking and Transportation Office has transitioned to a new parking, access and revenue control software, T2 Flex.  This new product has replaced the legacy system previously used, and offers Banner connectivity.

Parking and Transportation now has one product to issue and track citations and permits, as well as manage garage contract and hourly garage customer access.

All SHSU faculty, staff and students also have access to their parking records via My Sam’s “My Parking Account” channel, which allows them to order a parking permit (during the fall registration period) and view any citations on their record.  Online citation appeals are expected to be available during the fall semester as well.

Parking citations will be issued by computerized handheld devices, which allows for citation data uploads without the need for manual ticket data entry.  These handhelds also feature cameras, which can take photos to attach to citation records, to substantiate violations.

The parking garage features new equipment to enter and exit the facility.  The former credit-card-in, credit-card-out system has been replaced.  Hourly customers now take an entry ticket to enter the garage.  This ticket is used at exit to compute their parking charge, at which time a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover) is used to pay for their parking fee.  As before, cash is not accepted for hourly parking.

Garage contract customers use a separate card swipe reader on the side of the entrance and exit kiosks to access the facility.

For event parking, departments may purchase validations in advance of an event.  Guests would take an entry ticket from the gate equipment and park their vehicle.  Validations would be distributed at the event by the event sponsor.  At exit, guests would first insert their entry ticket, and then the validation ticket, to exit the garage.  This system eliminates the need to deliver access cards to guests prior to the event, or have a staff member distribute cards at the gate on the day of the event.

For more information please check out the Parking and Transportation channels in My Sam and the Parking and Transportation website.


Author: shsuservicedesk

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