Severe Weather – Floods and Flash Floods

A fact about floods and flash floods is that they kill more people across the nation than any other weather disaster. Here’s some information from the National Weather Service that can help you stay safe when floods threaten our area.

What do you do in flash flood situations?

The worst place to be in a flash flood is traveling by car. TWO FEET of water will carry away most automobiles. Do not cross water flowing over a roadway if you do not know its depth.

The rule for driving during floods and flash floods is; “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”.

Things you can do ahead of time to prepare for major floods:

  1. Know the flood risk at your place of home or business and its elevation above flood stage.
  2. Store drinking water in clean bathtubs or containers. This is very important as flood waters will contaminate the drinking water supply in your area.
  3. Stock non-perishable food items requiring little cooking and no refrigeration.
  4. Keep first aid supplies on hand.
  5. Keep NOAA Weather Radio, battery-powered portable radio, emergency cooking equipment, and flashlights in working order.
  6. Install check valves in sewer traps to prevent flood waters from backing into your home or business.


Here is a link to the National Weather Service that provides some great information about floods and flash floods.

Author: lucrecia chandler

ITSM & Communications Manager for IT@Sam