New Software for Fall 2013

IT@Sam Client Services has received requests from various faculty members to upgrade several software packages before Fall – 2013. These upgrades may have an impact on academic instruction since textbooks and curriculum are planned far in advance.  Please review the planned changes to campus software versions below.  Please share this information with the faculty in your department and let us know if there are any concerns with the proposed upgrade software versions or dates of installation.  The software titles listed below are not all encompassing of the software being upgraded before Fall 2013, as there may be additional software that only impacts your department and those will be handled individually with the faculty requesting the upgrade.

Adobe Creative Suite CS 6
Upgrade for all classrooms and labs scheduled between Spring – 2013 and Summer I – 2013 for both Windows and Macintosh.

SAS 9.3
Upgrade of existing SAS 9.2 to 9.3 for Windows computers on campus.  An expanded license agreement has been completed which will allow for SAS to be installed in all labs and classrooms on campus with optional installs available for faculty computers via the SHSU Program Installation Menu.  Upgrade is scheduled between Summer II – 2013 and Fall – 2013.

Microsoft Office 2013
Upgrade for all campus Windows computers scheduled between Summer II – 2013 and Fall – 2013.

Autodesk 2013 (AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Electrical, and Mechanical)
Upgrade for all campus Windows computers scheduled between Summer II – 2013 and Fall – 2013.

Software Request Reminder

For those who require special software for any upcoming semesters:

To ensure adequate time for installation and testing of new network software, the requests must be received and the software delivered to IT@Sam by the specified cutoff dates. However, the sooner, the better! A significant level of testing is needed to assure the application will not impact other programs—and that your students can access it as you intended. After it is installed you will be notified and asked to test the software. Therefore, please leave sufficient time for installation and your testing phase.

  • Spring: October 1
  • Fall : May 1
  • Summer March 1

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail the Service Desk or call (4-HELP).

Upcoming System Maintenance

April 19

  • Mac OSX Security Updates
  • Adobe Flash Player  will be upgraded on PC workstations
  • Adobe Shockwave Player will be upgraded on PC workstations
  • Mozilla Firefox will be upgraded to version 17.0.5 on PC workstations

April 26

  • ODS will be  reloaded  starting at 9pm on April 26 and will finish by 2pm on April 27. It is not advised to run a Cognos report during this time period. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Service Desk at x4-1950.