Software updates and “log off” reminders

Happy Holidays to you! To prepare for the University’s holiday break, IT-style, we ask that you save your work and log off of your workstation before leaving for the break.  (PC users: click the Windows button and select “Log off.” Mac users: click the Apple icon on the top left of the screen and select “Log off.”) Don’t simply lock your keyboard, and don’t shut down your computer. Leaving your computer on and connected to the network-although logged off-will allow your computer to receive any updates that we may be pushing out over the holidays.  And, for up-to-date information on maintenance to IT@Sam services, please view the announcements section in the Cherwell Portal.

On Friday, December 19, beginning at 9pm, the following software packages will be updated:

  • Audacity 2.0.5 (Windows)
  • Mathematica 10.0
  • Adobe Digital Editions 4.0 (Windows)
  • iTunes 12.0.1 (Windows)

Updates will conclude at 9:30pm.

Regardless of the particular holiday you celebrate or recognize, all of us at IT@Sam hope you have a safe and happy holiday break.  See you next year!