Security Tip: Sharing Campus-Managed Workstations

security_workstationIn case you missed this month’s Security Tip in our March Newsletter, here’s your chance to check it out.

Protecting campus workstations is a top priority. Your roaming profile allows account information to automatically log-on to SamWeb and MySam in Internet Explorer.

Anyone could have access to your personal information with the ability to alter it or steal it if you leave your computer unlocked while unattended.

It’s important to remind employees or student workers to log-off or lock their computer when they step away. Two or more people sharing the same workstation and using a single login is strongly discouraged as they will be able to access each other’s personal information.

Here are a few other tips to help protect any campus workstation you use:

  • Never share your password.
  • Never alter or disable anti-virus or other security software.
  • Make sure to log-off, but still leave the computer running to allow IT@Sam approved updates.