Software Incompatibilities with New Mac OSX

Mac osx update_blog

On September 30, Apple will release El Capitan, the new version of OSX. At this time it is known that Parallels Desktop 9 and Microsoft Office 2011 are not compatible with that operating system. Please be aware that there may be other software incompatibilities as well if you plan to upgrade any of your devices to this new operating system.

IT@Sam has done some preliminary testing with the beta version of El Capitan, but until the official release date we cannot begin thorough testing and creating software packages, if needed.  We expect to have a functioning image ready to start deploying to campus Macs by January 2016. Office 2011 will be upgraded to Office 2016 for Macs over the winter break in preparation to deploy the new operating system.

Please watch upcoming IT@Sam Newsletters, blog, and social media outlets for additional details for upgrades to SHSU Apple devices.