Network Outage Updates

We are still experiencing intermittent Internet outages. We are working closely with Juniper Networks to resolve networking issues. Any internet outages experienced from this time until noon should not last more than fifteen minutes. Internal campus resources and communications will still be accessible. Communications to and from off-campus locations will be affected.

In order to fix the issue, emergency maintenance will need to be performed starting at noon and concluding at 1 pm. This will be a complete outage and as a result you will not have phone service, e-mail, S and T drive access. There may be some intermittent outages while the system is brought back online. Please be sure to save your work prior to noon. Another e-mail will be sent once the maintenance has been completed.

We do apologize for the inconvenience that this and other outages have caused. Please contact the Service Desk at x4-1950 with any questions or concerns.