Windows 10 – Apps Overview

Pin Apps

StartMenuProgramOptionsPinning an app places a shortcut to the app in a separate section of the Start menu. Pinning allows quick access to frequently used apps and eliminates the need to scroll through the Start menu to find an app.

To pin an app:

  1. Locate the app in the Start menu
  2. Right click on the app
  3. Select Pin to Start

Once pinned, an app tile is placed on the right side of the Start menu.

The app can also be pinned to the Taskbar by selecting More from the options when right clicking the app.

Pinned App Options

PinnedAppOptionsOnce an app is pinned in the Start menu, additional options can be found by right clicking on the app tile. The options include unpinning the app, resizing the app tile, as well as additional options. Depending on the app, the More options will vary.




Group Apps

GroupAppsPinned apps can be organized and grouped together. To move an app, left click and drag the tile to the desired location. To start a new section of apps, click and drag the tile until a divider displays above the tile. Once the tile is placed in the new group, the divider goes away. Once a group has been created, hovering the mouse in the space before the group will allow the group to be named.



Search Alphabetically for Apps

Following recently added and most used apps, apps are listed in alphabetical order in the Start menu. To locate an app without scrolling through the list, left click on the letter at the beginning of each letter listing. A listing showing all the letters displays and selecting any letter will show the apps for that letter (unless there are no apps that begin with that letter).