Windows 10 – Edge Browser

EdgeinTaskbarEdge is the new internet browser for Windows 10. It is quicker and more secure. It includes features such as a reading list and web notes. By default, the Edge icon is already pinned to the Taskbar.


TheHubThe Hub in Edge is where the most frequently used functions are. Favorites, the Reading List, and browsing History can be quickly accessed from the Hub. To access the Hub, select the three (3) lines in the upper right corner of Edge. The first section is Favorites. The second is the Reading List, and the third is browser History.


AddFavoriteFavorites are websites that are accessed frequently. To add a website to the Favorites list, select the star icon in the upper right portion of Edge (next to the Hub) and select Favorites. Favorites can be organized into different folders. When adding a website to Favorites, Edge offers the ability to name the favorite and save the favorite in a specific folder.

Reading List

AddtoReadingListThe Reading List provides a way to save a website for quicker access later. To add a website to the Reading list, select the star icon in the upper right portion of Edge (next to the Hub) and select Reading list. The website can be re-named.


HistoryHistory saves the website, which can be accessed later if the site was not saved as a Favorite or in the Reading List. The History also maintains previous searches. The History can take up memory, and it is suggested to clear the History on a regular basis. To clear the History, select Clear all history from the History section in the Hub. The History can be cleared by days by selecting the X to the right of each date listed.