Don’t Be a Money Mule

MuleIt all starts with money. The world revolves around it. We all need it. Honestly, who would pass up the opportunity for some extra cash to buy shoes or, if you’re a college student, good food? A Ramen bowl would go in the trash so fast!

Unfortunately for us, cybercriminals love money, too.

Their job is to scam people for a large payday. One way they do this is by using money mule scams, which is when cybercriminals recruit a person via email or social media with the offer of seemingly legitimate employment (heads up… not really legitimate). Then they get the person to accept a check or wire transfer, where they get to keep a “fee” and transfer the rest of the money elsewhere. Basically, it is a new age form of stealing and laundering money.

The lesson of this article? If you see an email or social media post offering you money, question it before you accept it. As always, remember to “Stop. Think. Protect.” because if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Potential Jobs:
Remember they aren’t legitimate but cybercriminals want you to think they are.

    • Work from home jobs
    • Babysitting jobs
    • Senior care/assistance jobs

In order from worst to still not worth it.

    • You may face legal prosecution and be found responsible for repaying losses
    • Your bank account may be closed
    • Applying for credit or student loans will be difficult

If you receive an email like this on your SHSU account, report it to

Author: lucrecia chandler

ITSM & Communications Manager for IT@Sam

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