Windows 10 Pre-Deployment Reminder

Windows 10 is ComingFaculty and Staff PC workstations across campus are scheduled for upgrade to Windows 10 within the next couple weeks beginning Saturday, May 20, 2017. In preparation, please make sure you have completed the following:

  • Save your data from your C drive to OneDrive or your S drive. Otherwise, your data will be lost when your computer is reimaged.
  • Gather any passwords you may have saved in your web browser. Your connection with websites you use passwords and/or security questions will need to be re-established. Click here for details.
  • Verify any locally installed software (not managed by IT) or hardware (webcams, printers, scanners, etc.) are Windows 10 compatible through the vendor’s website.
  • Lastly, to aid in transferring your account settings to the Windows 10 environment, please log off, but do not power off, your workstation every day before you leave for the day.

Some things you should be aware of:

  • During the deployment, if we are unable to communicate with your machine, your upgrade will be rolled within the next 24-72 hours.
  • Should we run into difficulties, we may need to enter your office to work directly with your machine to restore service prior to the start of the workday. If this happens, we will leave either a business card or a note letting you know we were there.
  • With Windows 10, the Internet browser defaults to Edge. If you use Cognos, Internet Native Banner (INB) or Banner Document Management (BDM), you will need to access these applications through Internet Explorer. We have created a guide to show you how to pin Internet Explorer to the Start Menu.

For additional information and assistance, visit the Windows 10 website. And the Windows 10 Preparedness Checklist.

Please do not hesitate to contact the IT@Sam with any questions or concerns.

Windows 10 Preparedness Checklist

windows-10-logo-46fa00b9a1-seeklogo_comWindows 10 is an operating system that will replace Windows 7 on SHSU desktops beginning in Summer 2017. This new operating system amplifies productivity and provides protection against modern security threats. Below is a checklist of things to do before the update is pushed out to campus.

    Anything saved on the local computer including files and software will be lost during the upgrade process. The upgrade will be pushed remotely May 18 – 31, 2017; take time to back up data stored on your C drive to your S drive or OneDrive now. If you need assistance, please call the IT@Sam Service Desk (4-HELP).

    • Move locally stored data on the C drive to your S drive or OneDrive.
    • Save copies of email signatures, sticky notes, etc. to a Word document.
    • Export and save bookmarks and favorites from web browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer or Chrome).
    If you have a local printer, scanner, or other peripheral device attached to your computer which was purchased over four years ago, it will need to be checked for compatibility. This can be done through the manufacturer’s website or by e-mailing the Service Desk (subject line of “Windows 10 compatibility”) with the make and model of the device.

    • Check PRINTER compatibility with Windows 10 via manufacturer website.
    • Check SCANNER compatibility with Windows 10 via manufacturer website.
    • Check the compatibility of any OTHER peripheral devices (i.e. label maker) with Windows 10 via manufacturer website.
    • Reinstall software for peripheral device (after operating system upgrade).
    If an application was installed manually on your computer, you will need to verify that the software is compatible with Windows 10. If it is compatible, the software will need to be reinstalled after the operating system upgrade.

    • Make a list of applications or software packages that are not provided by IT and locate the installation media (i.e. Blue Zone, Google Drive, Dropbox) to reinstall later. NOTE: Office 2016, Adobe Acrobat DC, Internet Explorer, Edge, OneDrive, and Identity Finder will be installed with the Windows 10 upgrade.

Click here to print the Windows 10 Preparedness Checklist.

For more information, visit the SHSU Windows 10 website.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Service Desk.

Technology Trainings

Several technology training sessions will be available for SHSU faculty and staff during the month of May beginning with Prezi & Sway (May 1), Intro to Word 2016 (May 2), Intro to Windows 10 (May 3 & 4), WebCMS (May 4). May Trainings - Week 1To sign up for one of these training sessions, please visit Talent Management.

One-on-one assistance and departmental training is available upon request. For questions, or to schedule a training, contact our Technology Trainer, Natalie Payne, at or x4-4104.

Get Ready to do Great Things with Windows 10

Windows 10 is Coming
For the past several years, Sam Houston State University has used the Windows 7 operating system for PCs. Windows workstations are scheduled for an upgrade to Windows 10, beginning in May (after the conclusion of the Spring 2017 semester).
The look and feel for Windows 10 will be different, but most functionality will already be familiar to you. Some of the improvements include:
  • A more interactive Start Menu. Users will continue to see lists of software and files, but alongside them will be Live Tiles of apps. These can be changed for apps used more frequently, making life a little easier than in Windows 7. Start-Menu
  • As with Windows 7, users can search by clicking on the Start Button.Search












  • Edge is the default browser in Windows 10. It features a clean look with a tidy area called the Hub to keep the things collected on the web – including favorites, reading lists, browsing history, and current downloads.Edge

Stay tuned to future IT@Sam Newsletters or the Windows 10 project website for a peak at these improvements and updates to the timeline. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Service Desk.


iOS SamNet Connection Update

Recently, the security certificate for the SamNet wireless network was renewed. Apple devices (i.e. iPhone, iPad) may issue a prompt such as this:


If you receive this prompt, click “Accept.”

You will not be prompted again unless the wireless network settings on the device are deleted.

Should you continue to experience issues connecting to SamNet, please contact the Service Desk.