Social Engineering Alert

At least one agency in the Texas State University System has been the target of two attempted social engineering events in the past few weeks. We want to make sure that you are careful with the information that you provide to those that contact your department.

Social engineering is a means of manipulating a person into releasing information or performing acts that will give another person access to secure information. A lot of times the person being manipulated may not realize what is happening until well after the information is given out.

For additional information on this topic including steps to help you avoid being a target, read the July 2012 Cyber Security Tip Newsletter published by the Texas Department of Information Resources. Additional information can also be found on the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team site.

If you feel you have been the target of social engineering, please do not hesitate to contact IT@Sam to report the issue.

Smith-Hutson Building Evacuation

The Smith-Hutson Business Building has been evacuated and firemen are on the scene checking out reported smoke on the third floor of the building. The building has been evacuated. More details will be posted as they become available.


UPDATE 4:48 PM on 9/29/2011

There was a small fire in the Smith-Hutson Building Thursday afternoon. No evening classes were scheduled in the building Thursday evening. The building will be locked for precautionary measures and a decision on whether or not to hold classes in the building Friday will be made at 6 a.m Friday morning.

Escaped Inmate

An inmate has escaped from the Walker County Jail. SHSU wants you to be aware of the situation. At this time there is no impact to University Operations. Updates will be posted on the SHSU website, Facebook and Twitter.

via KSAM website

Photo of Trent Archie, escaped inmate from Walker County JailTrent De’Ray Archie escaped from the Walker County Jail early this morning. He was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and white shorts. Arhie is a black male, 6’1″, and weighs 190lbs. HE IS CONSIDERED VERY DANGEROUS! Please do not approach! If you see him, please call 911.

SHSU Siren/Speaker System Testing

Sam Houston State University will begin monthly testing of a new siren/loud speaker system on campus next week.

Testing will be Monday and Tuesday (April 4 – 5) around 10:55 a.m. The tests will include a series of siren sounds and a public address announcement stating that the system is being tested. Future testing will be on the first Monday-Tuesday of each month, unless an actual emergency is underway, at which time voice messages with instructions specific to the event will accompany the alert tones.

The siren/loud speaker system is one of the security measures designed to notify the campus community of a dangerous situation. For more details, see the story on Today@Sam at


Campus Security Alert

Warning of a potential incident at Newton Gresham Library. The library is being evacuated and you are instructed to avoid the area. Check SHSU website for instructions and updates as they occur.

Update 1:20PM

WARNING: A note was found at the Newton Gresham Library indicating a bomb was planted on the third floor of the building. The building has been evacuated and the police are examining the area for any potential devices.

Update 1:40PM

The Newton Gresham Library is the only building affected by the evacuation. All finals and activities in other campus buildings are taking place as scheduled.

Update 2:10PM

An “All Clear” was issued by the police investigating the bomb threat at Newton Gresham Library. The building is in the process of being re-opened.