Campus Phishing Alert: 2/7/2019

IT@Sam is aware that multiple emails are being sent out with SHSU related subjects making messages appear official. The message of these emails is similar to the example below:


The link included in the message is directed to a malicious site that requests your username and password.  IT Security is working to contain this issue and is in contact with the appropriate parties in order for them to remove the malicious site.

If you have already opened the email, clicked the link and/or entered your username and password, please:

  • Change your password as soon as possible at, by clicking on the IT@Sammenu, then on Account Password Change; and
  • Notify the IT@Sam Service Desk at 936-294-1950

For questions, concerns or trouble resetting your password, contact the IT@Sam Service Desk at 936-294-1950.



Campus Phishing Alert- 10/15/2018

Many received the below email, sent October 15, 2018, claiming to be from Dr. Hoyt with the following email subject: FW:[ATTENTION REQUIRED] Sam Houston State University Revised Business Development, Implementation, and Review of Guidelines and Goals.

Hoyt_Phishing Email .png

Additionally, this email contained a PDF that, when opened, required your SHSU login information.

Follow the below steps if you have visited the site and entered your username and password:

  • Change your password immediately at
    1. Click the IT@Sam Menu
    2. Select Account password change
  • Notify the IT@Sam Service Desk

IT Security has contacted the appropriate parties to disable and remove the malicious site.

For questions or trouble resetting your password, contact the IT@Sam Service Desk.

Network Outage Follow Up

Good afternoon,

Today at approximately 2:45 pm we experienced a hardware failure that impacted most SHSU technology services. This outage included phone service, email, website, and Internet access among others. The issue was identified and resolved by 3:05 pm and services began to come back online. With this type of outage, full restoral of services can take some time. We appreciate your patience as systems continue to normalize.

This issue was a localized power outage in the data center. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused.

Network Outage

We are experiencing a hardware failure impacting access to most SHSU services. Including phone, email and website access. We have technicians working now to resolve. We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing. We will update you once we have a resolution.

***UPDATE 3:34 PM***

Services are coming back online. Please be aware that this process could take some time.