Techie Tuesday

This week, meet Lucrecia Chandler, manager by day, mom-extraordinaire by night!  Lucrecia oversees Cherwell  and our training and communications team in Client Services.

Cherwell is the system SHSU uses for submitting work orders, service requests, etc., and our training and communications team provides technology trainings and communications to and from the division.

The next time you see Lucrecia, tell her hello!


Software Incompatibilities with New Mac OSX

Mac osx update_blog

On September 30, Apple will release El Capitan, the new version of OSX. At this time it is known that Parallels Desktop 9 and Microsoft Office 2011 are not compatible with that operating system. Please be aware that there may be other software incompatibilities as well if you plan to upgrade any of your devices to this new operating system.

IT@Sam has done some preliminary testing with the beta version of El Capitan, but until the official release date we cannot begin thorough testing and creating software packages, if needed.  We expect to have a functioning image ready to start deploying to campus Macs by January 2016. Office 2011 will be upgraded to Office 2016 for Macs over the winter break in preparation to deploy the new operating system.

Please watch upcoming IT@Sam Newsletters, blog, and social media outlets for additional details for upgrades to SHSU Apple devices.

Techie Tuesday

Norma Vazquez is our Service Desk team leader and oversees its day-to-day operations. You may have even had a chance to speak to her if you’ve ever called the Service Desk!

She focuses on monitoring service requests through the many avenues that you can contact us. She also focuses on developing other skilled technicians who can aid in fulfilling service requests and resolving reported incidents.

When Norma isn’t at work, she loves focusing on her family and a few creative hobbies. The next time you see her, or talk to her over the phone, say hello!

norma vazquez

Techie Tuesday

Meet Brandon Morrison from IT Client Services! Brandon is one of our technology inventory specialists on our Asset Management team. He focuses on providing skilled expertise, advice, and management of technology purchases for campus.

If you’ve ever submitted a technology purchase request, you may have had the chance to work with Brandon!

brandon morrison

Attendance Initiative & Tracking


Twelfth class day is almost here and our team is hard at work providing support for the new attendance tracking system.

We have new step-by-step instructions are available here to assist faculty in documenting attendance for face-to-face and online or arranged classes. The process for each is different, but the Service Desk is standing by for additional assistance if needed.

You can contact the Service Desk at 4-HELP or