Techie Tuesday

This week, meet Mateo Zuniga, our asset manager in Client Services! He’s responsible for managing IT Hardware and Campus Software renewals.

If you have ever submitted a software or technology equipment request, chances are you’ve worked with Mateo and his team.

“We manage everything from deciding on campus computer configurations to reviewing and processing orders for all of campus regarding to IT requests,” he says.  “We also work with multiple vendors to renew access to software that is utilized by departments across campus. I am responsible for making sure that we stay within compliance when using that software.”

mateo zuniga

Upgrades & Maintenance Updates

Internet security

We have a couple of maintenance updates happening today and next Friday.


On Friday, October 9, between 9-9:30 pm, Skype 7.8 will be deployed to all labs, classrooms, and faculty/staff workstations.
On Friday, October 23, beginning at 6 pm and concluding at 6:30 pm, the system will undergo maintenance. At its conclusion, this maintenance could impact your ability to connect to the system if you are using an older version of Microsoft Remote Desktop.

If you are using a Windows based computer, download or run Windows Updates to ensure that you are using the latest available version of Microsoft Remote Desktop to avoid potential connectivity issues.

If you are using a Macintosh, you can download the latest version of Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store.

If you have any questions, contact the Service Desk at 936-294-1950 (students), 4-HELP (faculty/staff), or

Techie Tuesday

Meet our Associate Vice President of Enterprise Services! Jacob Chandler has worked at SHSU for 15 years – 7 as a software developer, and 8 leading the department supporting our ERP system. He currently, leads a team of 27 staff that support anything from custom programs to Banner to DegreeWorks to parking – if it keeps student records and/or has a financial component, they do it!

jacob chandler

Techie Tuesday

This week, meet Lucrecia Chandler, manager by day, mom-extraordinaire by night!  Lucrecia oversees Cherwell  and our training and communications team in Client Services.

Cherwell is the system SHSU uses for submitting work orders, service requests, etc., and our training and communications team provides technology trainings and communications to and from the division.

The next time you see Lucrecia, tell her hello!


Software Incompatibilities with New Mac OSX

Mac osx update_blog

On September 30, Apple will release El Capitan, the new version of OSX. At this time it is known that Parallels Desktop 9 and Microsoft Office 2011 are not compatible with that operating system. Please be aware that there may be other software incompatibilities as well if you plan to upgrade any of your devices to this new operating system.

IT@Sam has done some preliminary testing with the beta version of El Capitan, but until the official release date we cannot begin thorough testing and creating software packages, if needed.  We expect to have a functioning image ready to start deploying to campus Macs by January 2016. Office 2011 will be upgraded to Office 2016 for Macs over the winter break in preparation to deploy the new operating system.

Please watch upcoming IT@Sam Newsletters, blog, and social media outlets for additional details for upgrades to SHSU Apple devices.