Attendance Initiative & Tracking


Twelfth class day is almost here and our team is hard at work providing support for the new attendance tracking system.

We have new step-by-step instructions are available here to assist faculty in documenting attendance for face-to-face and online or arranged classes. The process for each is different, but the Service Desk is standing by for additional assistance if needed.

You can contact the Service Desk at 4-HELP or

Techie Tuesday

Watch out for this week’s techie! Keith Wicker is our ordinary director of networking by day, Taekwondo 5th degree black belt and Korean Martial Arts Master Instructor by night!

As our director of networking, Keith is responsible for providing a reliable and consistently high performing data and voice communications infrastructure for our data center and all SHSU campus buildings. Keith and his team work closely with other departments in IT and around campus to make sure required network resources are provided.

“I continually focus the teams efforts on how we can improve our processes and our services to customers and end users. I do this by asking a lot of questions,” he says.

He truly enjoys leading and supporting his “phenomenal team of brilliant network engineers and technicians.”

The next time you see Keith, tell him hello!

Keith wicker

Techie Tuesday

Meet Terrance Harris, otherwise known as TJ around IT@Sam. He is the associate vice president of infrastructure and support services (ISS) and is responsible for leading the department in oversight, development and management of campus-wide information security, server administration, networks, data center operations, VOIP, Information Technology project management, and Information Technology procurement processing.

TJ and his family moved to Huntsville this year. The next time you see him, say hello and ask him how he’s enjoying Huntsville so far!

tj harris

Back-to-School Tech Tips


The days are still long and the heat index is still sizzling hot, but the new school year is here!

Getting in gear for a new semester is a change from the somewhat slower pace of summer, but we’re excited to get fall going! We’ve got a few techie “back-to-school” tips for you as you go about your first few weeks of the semester.

• Get to know where the computer labs are and what times they’re available. We’ve got it all on the computer labs webpage.
• We’ve got the perfect tool to help with those late night work sessions—Remote Desktop Connection! Whether you have a PC or Mac, accessing your S: Drive files from the comfort of your living space is no problem. Our technology tutorial can help you log in to your SHSU profile. You’ll have access to Microsoft Office as well from RDC.
• Remember, you have 500mb of space on your S:Drive.

Faculty and staff:
• Make sure your computer has all the software you need-check out the SHSU installation menu for pre-approved software you can download instantly.
• Updates to the software you use on a daily basis is highly possible while you’ve been in and out of the office. Make sure you’re familiar with the changes.
• Speaking of software, maybe your department has new software needs. We can help! The spring software request deadline is October 1. Our software request guidelines are available for you online.
• Don’t forget our technology training schedule in the IT@Sam Newsletter! We’re always adding and updating courses.
• Last, but not least, take some time here and there to brush up on some training to start the year off right. Skillsoft online courses are available through Talent Management.

We want you to start the year off productively! If you have any questions about your technology resources, contact the Service Desk at 936-294-1950 (students) or 4-HELP (faculty/staff). We’re in Academic Building 1, room 145 if you’d like to stop by during office hours.

Techie Tuesday

Meet Sylvia Sido, the newest member of our Web Development team! Some of Sylvia’s main duties focus on mass e-mail requests, as well as website updates and maintenance, and reaching out to clients in need. She works to keep up-to-date with the current trends for mass emails, and find ways on how incorporate the positives into our current process.

We also found out this world traveler flew a plane in Miami, had quite the culinary experience in Taiwan, and is a certified advanced open water scuba diver.

The next time you see Sylvia, say hello and ask her about an adventure or two!

sylvia sido