Mac Leopard OS

You may have seen in the IR Update that Computer Services will be purchasing the new Leopard OS for university-owned Macintoshes. Here is an update on where we are with this project.

We have received the quote for the software and will be ordering it soon. Purchasing the software is not the what takes so long in the process of getting it to you, the student or faculty/staff member, it’s the testing that we must do to make sure that it works as best as it can for you.

We are already aware that Adobe Photoshop CS2 will not work with Leopard, so that is one issue that will need to be addressed. If you are currently using this software, you will need to purchase CS3 from your departmental funds. You can place a workorder for this purchase. If you know of anything else that we may need to keep an eye on in our testing, please post a comment or email us to let us know.

Thank you for your patience as we work to get you new and exciting things to work with.

Cache loader and extra worksheet issue in Excel

   Does an extra, blank Excel worksheet appear on top of an existing spreadsheet that you have just opened?

Do you get an error message about a cache loader when attempting to open Excel files?

Do you get the error message AND an extra, blank worksheet?

If so, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Make sure that you have closed Excel completely.
  2. Open Windows Explorer by right-clicking on the Start button and then clicking on Explore.
  3. Navigate to the XLSTART folder in your profile. (C:\WINNT\profiles\your_username\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART)
  4. Delete any files that happen to be in that folder. (It’s OK, you won’t lose any information.)
  5. Open your Excel file again, it should open without any errors or extra worksheets.

Ejecting a stuck CD from a Macintosh

Every once in a while you’ll run into an uncooperative CD, DVD, or super drive on your Macintosh. Here are a few ways that you can “force” eject a CD.
1. Drag the CD/DVD icon to the Trash.
2. Hit the Eject button or hold down the F12 key.
3. From Terminal, type “drutil tray eject
4. Restart the computer.
5. Restart the computer while holding down the mouse button or F12 key.
6. While restarting, hold down the Apple + Option + o + f keys. At the prompt type “eject cd
7. When all else fails, place a workorder.

Subscribe to this Blog

Thanks to Jacob over at the Blogboard for writing this up!

Feed Your Need

Did you know there is a great way built in with Office 2007 for you to keep up to date on all the Blogs/Web pages and other RSS feeds you keep tabs on during your day?

No? Then do we have a Blog article for you!

“Feed your need” on the Blackboard and Helpdesk blogs here at SHSU and any other Internet site with RSS Feeds through Outlook 2007. You can accomplish this in two ways:

In your Mail Folders section on the left hand side of your Outlook window right click on your RSS Feeds folder and select Add a New RSS Feed. At this point you need the Feed address or XML file address. For the Blackboard Blog that address is:
and for the Helpdesk Blog, that address is: Once you have pasted in the appropriate Feed address, click Add and you are done.

In Outlook 2007 select the Tools pull-down menu and choose Account Settings. Next select the RSS Feeds tab and select the New button. At this point you need the Feed address or XML file address. For the Blackboard Blog that address is:
and for the Helpdesk Blog, that address is:
Once you have pasted in the appropriate Feed address, click Add and then Close and you are finished.

So find the way that is best for you and stay connected to the news that affects your life here at Sam Houston State University.

Tips for Efficient Registration

Students, this tip’s for you!

Early Registration will be starting November 9th for the Spring semester. The main piece of advice here is to plan, plan, and then plan some more!

First, you’ll need to take care of any outstanding payments that you may owe the university. This may include past due tuition, parking tickets, or library fees for overdue books. You can make your payment online or by visiting the Cashier’s Office in the Estill Building, room 103.

You’ll need to check to see if you need to be advised before you register. If you meet one or more of the below criteria, you will need to be advised by the SAM Center before registering.

  • Students whose current overall SHSU GPA is BELOW 2.5.
  • Students who do not have a SHSU GPA (new freshmen and new transfer students).
  • Students with 90+ semester hours.
  • Students subject to the Texas Success Initiative (formerly TASP) regulations.
  • Students placed on probation at the close of the current semester must be advised/re-advised.

Next, check out the Schedule of Classes and your DARS degree plan to plan out what courses you need to take. Make note of the course identification numbers (CID) so that you have them when it is time to register. CIDs are the 4 digit numbers assigned to each course that is being taught. It will speed up your registration process, because you can eliminate searching for the courses. You’ll have all the information needed to register. While you are at it, it would also be a good idea to have an alternate schedule in case the courses you wish to take are already full by your time to register.

Lastly, be sure that you have completed any pre-requisites for the courses you want to take and have the proper departmental approvals if needed.

Registration will start at 5:30 PM on:
Nov. 9: Honor Students
Nov. 12 – 13: Doctoral, Grad, Post Bac, and Seniors (94+ semester hours)
Nov. 14: Juniors (64 – 93 semesters hours)
Nov. 15: Sophomores (32 – 63 semester hours)
Nov. 16: Freshmen (under 31 semester hours)
Nov. 17 – Dec. 5: Open Registration Period

**Payment will be due for Advance Registration by 4pm on December 6, 2007. If payment is not made by this deadline, your schedule will be dropped and you will need to re-register for your classes.