New Temporary Admin Access Policy

Hello all,

As always, the IR Update contains a lot of useful information for the campus community. I did want to call your attention to one specific artcle in this month’s update since it does refer to a policy change.

Sticking to Business

We are continuing to streamline functions to ensure we can meet the business needs of the campus. Therefore, temporary administrative access will only be granted for University-related installations. This will help reduce staff time in granting and monitoring these privilege changes and will also lower the risk that University machines are compromised by non-essential software.

We want to encourage you to take a moment to read the IR Update each month.

Have a great week!

Faculty/Staff Profiles

We are currently experiencing some problems with our Faculty/Staff profile server (FS1). We do have system administrators working on the issue. We realize that this is an inconvenience, so we are working to correct the problem as quickly as we can. We appreciate your patience.

UPDATE: The issues with the FS1 server should now be corrected. If you are still having trouble, we suggest that you reboot your machine and try again. If you still have trouble contact the Helpdesk at x4-1950.

Registration Changes

We are striving to improve the registration process this semester. After meeting with several high-level campus administrators, we have received approval to reduce the number of students registering at any one time. This change should allow the servers to better handle the load during these times of heavy usage.

An email will be sent this afternoon to students, faculty, and staff notifying them of this change in addition to this post.

The following schedule will be used for each classification:
Time:      Last Name begins with:
5:30PM     GP – KL
6:30PM     CJ – GO
7:30PM     KM – NO
8:30PM     A – CI
9:30PM     NP – SH
10:30PM     SI – ZZ
Registration times will be cumulative. For example at 6:30PM people with the last names that start with GP through KL and CJ through GO would then be able to register.

At this time we want to remind you to take a look at our tips for efficient registration.

Mac Leopard OS

You may have seen in the IR Update that Computer Services will be purchasing the new Leopard OS for university-owned Macintoshes. Here is an update on where we are with this project.

We have received the quote for the software and will be ordering it soon. Purchasing the software is not the what takes so long in the process of getting it to you, the student or faculty/staff member, it’s the testing that we must do to make sure that it works as best as it can for you.

We are already aware that Adobe Photoshop CS2 will not work with Leopard, so that is one issue that will need to be addressed. If you are currently using this software, you will need to purchase CS3 from your departmental funds. You can place a workorder for this purchase. If you know of anything else that we may need to keep an eye on in our testing, please post a comment or email us to let us know.

Thank you for your patience as we work to get you new and exciting things to work with.

Cache loader and extra worksheet issue in Excel

   Does an extra, blank Excel worksheet appear on top of an existing spreadsheet that you have just opened?

Do you get an error message about a cache loader when attempting to open Excel files?

Do you get the error message AND an extra, blank worksheet?

If so, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Make sure that you have closed Excel completely.
  2. Open Windows Explorer by right-clicking on the Start button and then clicking on Explore.
  3. Navigate to the XLSTART folder in your profile. (C:\WINNT\profiles\your_username\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART)
  4. Delete any files that happen to be in that folder. (It’s OK, you won’t lose any information.)
  5. Open your Excel file again, it should open without any errors or extra worksheets.