Twitter Contest: Best Cyber Security Advice

ImageIt is time for another Cyber Security Social Media Contest. This time, it is all about Twitter. We want to hear your best cyber security advice. All you have to do is:

• Log in to Twitter
• Post your best cyber security advice
• Use the hashtag #cybershsu to submit it to us

Keep in mind that only Twitter submissions will count and that Twitter has a 140 character limit. We want to see how informative and creative you can be.

This contest will end on Friday October 18, 2013 and the winner will receive a prize donated by the campus bookstore.

Best of luck

Facebook Photo Contest: What Does a Hacker Look Like?

ImageOver the next few weeks, IT@Sam will is giving you the opportunity to win some really cool prizes. All you have to do is participate in one of our three social media contests. Here is the first one!


What do you think a hacker looks like?

Take a photo of yourself posing as a hacker (like the one you see here) and post it to the SHSU Service Desk page on Facebook. The winner will receive a gift courtesy of the campus bookstore.

This contest ends on Friday, October 11.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is Here

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is Here!

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is that time of year when IT@Sam brings online security in the limelight. Many individuals each year fall prey to online attacks which could have been prevented with a little security awareness education. We hope that we can help prevent our students and employees from falling victim to cybercrime.

This month, we plan to educate the campus on cyber security awareness. Any SHSU employee or student can participate. We will be in the mall area with giveaways and games from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm on the following days:

  • October 2
  • October 8 and 10
  • October 22 and 24
  • October 30

If you need a break during these times, please feel free to stop by and enjoy the fun with us. Also, please encourage your students to come by.

Social Media Contests

If you can’t come by the mall area you can still be a part of the fun by participating in our social media contests. Winners of these contests will receive a prize donated by the campus bookstore. Follow us on Facebook for more information about the contests. Here are our contests and dates:

Facebook Photo Contest: What Does a Hacker Look Like? (October 7 – 11)

Have you ever wondered what the average hacker looks like? What comes to mind when you think of a hacker? Well, we want to see what you think a hacker would look like. Be creative and original. Post the photo to the Service Desk Facebook page to enter the contest.

Twitter: Best Cyber Advice (October 14 – 18)

Do you have a piece of cyber security advice you would like to pass on to your fellow Bearkat? If so, use your Twitter account to send us that advice. Keep it as brief as possible as Twitter only allows 160 characters. Be sure you use the hashtag #cybershsu so we can see your advice.

Facebook: Caption Contest (October 21 – 25)

Are you good at one-liners? If so, the caption contest may be perfect for you. On October 22, we will post a photo on Facebook. Simply comment with your best idea for a cyber-security-related caption.

If you have any questions about the events for Cyber Security Awareness Month, please contact the Service Desk (4-HELP). Thanks again to the campus bookstore and Holly Tickner for providing this year’s prizes.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month Just Around the Corner!

More and more cybercrimes occur every day over the world. Unfortunately, many
people are still unaware of the dangers that lurk just around the mouse click.
It is for this reason that, over the past few years, Homeland Security has made
it a priority to bring cyber awareness to the masses. With the help of various
organizations they are able to reach a vast number of individuals. That is why
SHSU will participate in National Cyber Security Awareness Month with other
organizations across the country.  Read More.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month Coming in October

It is no secret that we live our lives in an online environment more than ever before. It isn’t just a luxury anymore; it has become a necessity to interact with others online in some way. We, as a people, rely heavily on the Internet to submit taxes, sign timecards and pay bills. It is very hard to imagine our lives without the Internet.

The Internet has made us more connected than ever. This interconnectivity increases the risk to fall victim to identity theft and other cybercrimes. That is why cyber security is one of the country’s top priorities. It is for this reason that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM).

This October, like previous years, IT@Sam will join with other agencies and institutions to promote cyber security. Our goal this year is to engage the SHSU campus and raise their awareness about cyber security.  This will, in turn, increase resiliency of the Nation and its cyber identity.

What You Can Expect This Year

This October in the mall area, you will see IT@Sam employees hosting games and providing giveaways to provide information and insight on cyber security awareness. Also, we remind all program owners to review computer application access and remove access from any individuals that no longer need that access.

We will also have a few cyber-related contests for our social media followers. If you don’t already follow us on Facebook or Twitter, please follow us so you can be up to date on all the fun events we will be having.

For more information, please contact The Service Desk (936-294-1950)